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I believe that stones are living beings

Hey guys, so I have a friend and her name is Charlotte Peys and instead of having actual fingers, she has pencil-fingers. I know, right... weird. Five pencils on each hand. Most of them are greyleads of varying thickness, and she's also got one stumpy yellow pencil where her pinky would normally go. She keeps them very neatly sharpened at all times, which is admirable if not a tad dangerous. Her back scratching is divine though! And what she lacks in ability related to kneading cookie dough with her bare hands, she makes up for by being an incredibly good illustrator. I mean, she has pencil-fingers, so duh! How unjust a world do we live in that a girl born with pencil-fingers would be bad at drawing?

Pictured above is Charlotte's take on my name game shame scribble sheet, proof that 1) she's a very good illustrator and 2) those pencil-fingers are not going to waste! I like how she says "I think stones are living beings" because me too. For more drawings you can visit her friendly internet home at www.charlottepeys.be and you'll see there's SO MUCH more to her than just fingers made of pencils. She also has hollow toes filled with lukewarm vegetable soup. See you guys!

Only two more weeks!!

If you've been following along on my instagram you'll know that in two weeks (no! less than two!) I'm hosting a BIIIIGGG group exhibition featuring 120+ artists. They've all doodled new scribble sheets not featured on this blog before, so I can't wait to share them with you! Here's the facebook event page for Melbourne folks. Come along to the opening night on June 5th 2014 at 6-8pm!

UPDATE: If you missed the exhibition I've uploaded all the sheets OVER HERE ON TUMBLR for you to peep! They're so incredibly creative and interesting, enjoy!

Copious Amounts of Black Coffee

You've got mail, says the computer. Seriously dude, you've got mail, come check! Please! Come here. Humaannnnn. I need you! LOOK. AT YOUR. INBOX. Dude you've got mail. You've got MAIL. What if Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan had ignored me like this? Huh? Oi, human!

So yes, I checked my inbox and what did I find? This luscious daydream of a scribble sheet by Suite Charlie. Sigh! How can I be grumpy at my mouthy inbox-man when he delivers me goodies like this? I'm not even going to play it coy like that fool Tom Hanks because who has time for a messy two-hour movie courtship anyway? Let's all begin our instagram art romance with Suite Charlie right away! One two three, go: @suitecharlie

Life is a party!

Hang that disco ball above your bed! Install a strobe light in your shower! Never not be playing Ultimate Party Tunes Of The 90s! Sparkly bodysuits all day every day! Why walk when you can moonwalk! Tequila shots for breakfast! Fairy bread for lunch! Dance is my dinner! Life is a party! And here's your goody-bag to take home: this scribble interview with friendly Boston type-dude Josh LaFayette... enjoy! Then go stalk him on instagram while you wait for your homemade piƱata to dry.

The Art Of Getting Started

It is so sticky-hot in Melbourne right now that I'm wearing a bag of frozen peas as a tiny shawl because my bedroom is a hot box and - get this! - all the fans in the city have sold out. Madness. TOTAL MADNESS. CHAOS. SWEATY CHAOS! SALTY MADNESS! My thighs are much too slippery to be writing blog posts in this sans-fan bedroom but whatever, I have an interview with my sweet and clever pal Lee Crutchley to share with you today. His new book The Art Of Getting Started is more desirable than a onesie made of ice packs. Did she really just say that? Totally. Admittedly it doesn't lower your body temperature but it does offer playful ways to get unstuck and loosen up your creativity. See? Now must go find more frozen vegetables to fashion into a chilled bonnet. Enjoy the interview!

Love Thyself

What the heck! So you're telling me 2013 is nearly, almost, just-about over? I don't mean to scoff but you might be getting a litttttle ahead of yourself, fat bearded man in a santa suit. It's only like, August? October? Wait. December? December 23rd?! Oh my gosh you're right, 2013 is almost dunzo. That means 2014 is starting to poke its newborn head out of the birth canal of time! It also means this is the last post of 2013, featuring these lovely scribble diary pages by artist Marissa Rossi. Highlights (for me) include: love thyself, make a "couch-bowl" (COOL) and initiate lots of "up top" high-five action. Solid life tips, right there. See ya'll in the new year!

Sketch Interview with Alyssa!

So I was poking around on Alyssa Mees's tumblr the other day, thinking "SKILLZ" and then I was curious to see what her start-of-the-day routine looks like. So I emailed her to ask that question (plus a few more) and she was sweet and sent over a cute series of hand-drawn answers, such as the morning haze pictured above. Then I shared those answers on our Instagram. And that, kids, is how an interview is born! Any questions?

Yes, you, in the back with the chocolate on your upper lip. Oh you were just stretching? No worries. Umm okay, if there's no other questions (last chance... anyone?) then may I direct everyone over to our Instagram to peruse the whole interview? Thanks. Follow us on insta for more sketch interviews coming soon, too! See you there!

The Volcano Goes Pop

Today's blog post is interactive (for maximum enjoyment) so please equip yourself with a cold can of fizzy drink. Like, right now... (pause)... Got one? Cool. Now I want you to pick up the can and give it a shake. Shakey-shake-shake! That's the way. Feels good, right?? Loose yourself in the reckless sloshing of combustible liquid! Now I want you to open the can. Wait: maybe go outside first. Okay, now open the can. Enjoy the thrill as your trembling fingers grip the pull tab. Then... pop! Fizzy brown lava EXPLODES from the aluminium volcano! Fizzzzzzzzzzz! Fizzzz! Fizz. Okay, now please giggle your face off because this is a totally silly thing to have done and you are now covered in sticky liquid-sugar. Haha. What a mess. Who's going to clean this up? I guess you are. Gosh, life is so messy and ridiculous. Sometimes all we can do is giggle like maniacs and enjoy the small sweetnesses - like licking exploded soda off our wrists.

Thank you Tina Siuda for inspiring out first interactive blog post! Also thank you for giving us this bearded man hiding in a psychedelic cabbage patch - see below ;)

Hideous Things

Hello! I'm back. Did you notice I'd snuck out of the party for a moment? I just nipped off to buy more beers - but then I somehow ended up on a plane? headed for Berlin? with a backpack full of of clothing and travel-sized toothpaste? So weird. It took me like, two months to get to back here. But that's not important - what did I miss? Oh dammit I forgot the beers. Anyway. Look! I found a friend on the way home! Her name's Chelsey Pettyjohn. She goes by the name Hideous Things. Yeah, she actually painted that jacket herself. Crazy, right? I knew you two would get along. Hey, do you guys want a beer? Okay. I'll nip down the street and grab a few. Be right back!


Today's scribbler is Duza, aka Dusty Brasseur! Duza's scribbles are like a nighttime walk through the forest without a flashlight. The more you look around and your eyes adjust, the more you see little faces pop out and - wait, what was that noise?!! If this was real-life I'd poke you in a ribs right now and make you squeal! Lucky for you it's kinda impossible to surprise-poke someone via the typed word. LUCKY FOR YOU. Okay now run away and check out Duza on facebook! (don't worry, that link isn't a booby-trap to make you squeal. Or maybe it is! You scurrrrred?)

PS- I'm taking a hiatus from this blog to backpack in Europe. I'll be back in October with a fresh batch of scribbles! I will miss everyone. But especially you. Bye for now!