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Sketch Interview with Alyssa!

So I was poking around on Alyssa Mees's tumblr the other day, thinking "SKILLZ" and then I was curious to see what her start-of-the-day routine looks like. So I emailed her to ask that question (plus a few more) and she was sweet and sent over a cute series of hand-drawn answers, such as the morning haze pictured above. Then I shared those answers on our Instagram. And that, kids, is how an interview is born! Any questions?

Yes, you, in the back with the chocolate on your upper lip. Oh you were just stretching? No worries. Umm okay, if there's no other questions (last chance... anyone?) then may I direct everyone over to our Instagram to peruse the whole interview? Thanks. Follow us on insta for more sketch interviews coming soon, too! See you there!