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Love Thyself

What the heck! So you're telling me 2013 is nearly, almost, just-about over? I don't mean to scoff but you might be getting a litttttle ahead of yourself, fat bearded man in a santa suit. It's only like, August? October? Wait. December? December 23rd?! Oh my gosh you're right, 2013 is almost dunzo. That means 2014 is starting to poke its newborn head out of the birth canal of time! It also means this is the last post of 2013, featuring these lovely scribble diary pages by artist Marissa Rossi. Highlights (for me) include: love thyself, make a "couch-bowl" (COOL) and initiate lots of "up top" high-five action. Solid life tips, right there. See ya'll in the new year!