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The Art Of Getting Started

It is so sticky-hot in Melbourne right now that I'm wearing a bag of frozen peas as a tiny shawl because my bedroom is a hot box and - get this! - all the fans in the city have sold out. Madness. TOTAL MADNESS. CHAOS. SWEATY CHAOS! SALTY MADNESS! My thighs are much too slippery to be writing blog posts in this sans-fan bedroom but whatever, I have an interview with my sweet and clever pal Lee Crutchley to share with you today. His new book The Art Of Getting Started is more desirable than a onesie made of ice packs. Did she really just say that? Totally. Admittedly it doesn't lower your body temperature but it does offer playful ways to get unstuck and loosen up your creativity. See? Now must go find more frozen vegetables to fashion into a chilled bonnet. Enjoy the interview!