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The Volcano Goes Pop

Today's blog post is interactive (for maximum enjoyment) so please equip yourself with a cold can of fizzy drink. Like, right now... (pause)... Got one? Cool. Now I want you to pick up the can and give it a shake. Shakey-shake-shake! That's the way. Feels good, right?? Loose yourself in the reckless sloshing of combustible liquid! Now I want you to open the can. Wait: maybe go outside first. Okay, now open the can. Enjoy the thrill as your trembling fingers grip the pull tab. Then... pop! Fizzy brown lava EXPLODES from the aluminium volcano! Fizzzzzzzzzzz! Fizzzz! Fizz. Okay, now please giggle your face off because this is a totally silly thing to have done and you are now covered in sticky liquid-sugar. Haha. What a mess. Who's going to clean this up? I guess you are. Gosh, life is so messy and ridiculous. Sometimes all we can do is giggle like maniacs and enjoy the small sweetnesses - like licking exploded soda off our wrists.

Thank you Tina Siuda for inspiring out first interactive blog post! Also thank you for giving us this bearded man hiding in a psychedelic cabbage patch - see below ;)