This blog is now on permanent hiatus, but here's an archive of all the amazing artists and illustrators that filled out my scribble sheet over the last eight years. Thanks for visiting!
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Today's scribbler is Duza, aka Dusty Brasseur! Duza's scribbles are like a nighttime walk through the forest without a flashlight. The more you look around and your eyes adjust, the more you see little faces pop out and - wait, what was that noise?!! If this was real-life I'd poke you in a ribs right now and make you squeal! Lucky for you it's kinda impossible to surprise-poke someone via the typed word. LUCKY FOR YOU. Okay now run away and check out Duza on facebook! (don't worry, that link isn't a booby-trap to make you squeal. Or maybe it is! You scurrrrred?)

PS- I'm taking a hiatus from this blog to backpack in Europe. I'll be back in October with a fresh batch of scribbles! I will miss everyone. But especially you. Bye for now!