Hi, this is an archive of my old blog.

Spoonful Of Nutella

Hello! How are you? Good I hope. May I just say: wow, your earlobes are very clean. Like a freshly laundered bedspread made of ear-skin! I'm impressed. Nice job. Tell you who else has really clean earlobes? Today's scribbler, Shelley Savor! Can I confirm that? No. Do you care? Probs not. Is this a segue into talking about Nutella? It was suppose to be!!! But I got lost somewhere along the way and I guess it doesn't matter anyway because LOOK HERE WE ARE talking about Nutella. Shelley likes Nutella. That one I can confirm! Nice. Thanks for riding this clumsy segue with me. You are as patient as your earlobes are clean! Until next time... x