Hi, this is an archive of my old blog.

Not Amusing At All

Well well well... what do we have here? Is it today's scribbler? I think it might be. And her name is Paulette Jo! Did you notice those fungi lungs? See this is why I didn't eat mushrooms as a kid. Give those suckers a damp place to hang-out (aka, my internal organs) and they're bound to get comfy and never leave and have mushroom-babies all over my insides. Ew! But Paulette makes it look so pretty, I almost wouldn't mind a little fungi garden in my lungs. The air would be fresh and tasty, right? See how well I paid attention in Health class? I KNOW THINGS ABOUT MY INSIDES. Not really. I know nothing. Except this: Paulette's instagram is totally magical and pencily-good. Follow her!