Hi, this is an archive of my old blog.

Do Not Disturb

WHO IS TODAY'S SCRIBBLER??! That's the question on everyone's lips this morning. I see a handsome milkman fumbling with his glass jars and pre-pubescent boys scraping their kneecaps - everyone is so clumsy with anticipation! The sunrise this morning was like an agonising slow-clap yet to reach it's glorious climax of applause! Nuns and expectant mothers and chubby bachelors on the streets whisper, "sh shshh shh, today's scribbler, shh sh... who is it? who is it?" as they nibble on their cheese baguettes.

OKAY MY FRIENDS! NO LONGER MUST YOU WAIT! Today's scribbler izzzz.... (cut to closeup of drippy brow being wiped)... izzz... (ad break)... iz... (glamour closeup of my freshly powdered cheeks).... today's scribbler is Natalya Yamshchikova! Sorry bout the wait. And the kneecap scabs. But worth it for the double dose of Natalya's scribbles, no?