Hi, this is an archive of my old blog.

Blood Of A Unicorn & Stardust Juice

This may be my favourite post title ever on this blog! Blood Of A Unicorn & Stardust Juice. Sounds like the sort of stinky potion you'd hold your nose while drinking then feel your feet fatten up like cloud-pillows and float you into a maze of your own drippy mind. ORRR, maybe it just tastes like chocolate milk and keeps you alert to catch up on The Voice UK? That doesn't seem worth paper-cutting a unicorn for, though. Hmm maybe it does? The Voice UK is really good this year and I've fallen behind.

Anyway! Today's scribbler is Joanna Krótka! So if you're curious about this soon-to-be celebrity fad of Unicorn Blood & Stardust Juice (UBSJ for those in the know), you should ask her about it. Get in there before Eva Mendes does. BONUS: One awesome side-effect of UBSJ seems to be drawing skillzzzz, cos Joanna got those!