This blog is now on permanent hiatus, but here's an archive of all the amazing artists and illustrators that filled out my scribble sheet over the last eight years. Thanks for visiting!
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Today's scribbler is lovely mina-milk! I know, I know... the word "lovely" is a bit overused for describing lady-illustrators. But I think in this scenario it's really true! It's a simple matter of deduction (yes I did just watch six episodes of Elementary in a row). I mean, how non-lovely could an illustrator who draws sweet sleeping kittens really be? And oh! Look! Up there. Yes: a sleeping kitten drawn with pink pen. What kind of non-lovely person owns a pink pen? Exactly. mina-milk is lovely! CASE CLOSED, bye!

PS - If you're into animals and you're into pretty drawings than you're going to have a fun time on mina-milk's blog. That's a promise. A promise with eye-contact and a firm handshake so you know I mean it.