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Scribble Matchmaker!

I thought we'd have a bit of fun today. You like fun, yes? No? No fun for you? Ohhh you had a mouthful of cheeseburger and your "yes" was muffled into a grunt and I mistook that grunt as a no? Yes? Right? Cool. Okay let's have some damn fun then! Wipe that gooey cheese off your bottom lip (or leave it there for later) and let's get started.

This collaboration is called Scribble Matchmaker! You're invited to join in! It's much less awkward than a blind date and you don't even have to put on pants or wipe the gooey cheese off your bottom lip. So, if you're keen to collaborate with a total stranger on the other side of the world (yes! fun!), here's how:

  1. Print out the YIN-YANG SCRIBBLE SHEET (click the link)
  2. Doodle over it in your own way! Hand-drawn only please, NOOO digital work thanks.
  3. Then scan & email your handiwork to: lisacurriEEE@gmail.com before 13th June 2013! (also let me know your name and link, if you want that included)

When I have a bunch of yin-yang halves, it's matchmaking time! I'll pair your half with someone else's half, at random!  It'll be a shweet surprise to see who ends up together. Then I'll post them all up on this blog in a few weeks. The question is: are you ready to find your scribble soulmate? Are ya? Are ya?

Submissions close 13th June 2013. Then the matchmaking begins! Tell your friends!