Hi, this is an archive of my old blog.


Today's scribbler is Maggi Li and her pooey brain! Haha! I reckon if this blog was Lady Gaga in her many festive skins than today would be her "day off" where she doesn't wear a lick of makeup and just hangs out in bed with her dogs, farting and eating lots of cereal. Today we keep it simple! Today we rock bed-hair, with a happy little smile on our mouth! Today we eat three bowlfuls of pasta and cheese because it's the best thing ever! Two ingredients. Done. In my face. Yum. Simple. Good. Thanks. Burrrrp.

PS - When Maggie isn't burping she's art director of the amazing kids magazine OKIDO. And I heard that if you follow her on twitter she will randomly drop £2 on the ground somewhere in London and if you find it, it's all yours babe.