Hi, this is an archive of my old blog.

Toe Thumbs

Hey! I spy another elephant! This week is ALLLLL about our floppy-earred chums. As it should be! Elephants are the best. Did you know that a mama elephant is pregnant for over 1.5 years (YEARS) before she gives birth to her bub? Crazy. Did you know that some newborn elephants suck their trunk for comfort like a baby human sucks their thumb? Ahhh the thought of that kills me. I melt into an emotional puddle. Here's another one: did you know that today's scribbler is Eliot Wyatt? Yes sir. Shove those tidbits into your knapsack of random trivia because these are the FACTS dude! Then go visit Eliot and tell him the thing about the cute baby elephants. He'll love that, maybe!