Hi, this is an archive of my old blog.

Happy Birthday!

Today's scribbler issssss.... Stine Kaasa! The crowd roars! The cats meow! The zebras whip their tails back and forth in each-other's faces! The speakers begin to boom and all the glass chandeliers crash to the ground - crrssshhh! The old ladies take out their false teeth so that they can wildly wiggle their butts to the music and click their gums in a cool rhythmic way! The police sirens are heard faintly in the distance! Beyonce begins to scream a note so high that all the puppy dogs suddenly poop on their owners laps in unison! It is loud and smelly and everyone is having the best day EVER!

(PS - from now on I'll be posting just on Monday because this blog is getting older now and she needs a refreshing nap Tuesday-Sunday to keep herself perky for you)