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Happy Birthday!

Today's scribbler issssss.... Stine Kaasa! The crowd roars! The cats meow! The zebras whip their tails back and forth in each-other's faces! The speakers begin to boom and all the glass chandeliers crash to the ground - crrssshhh! The old ladies take out their false teeth so that they can wildly wiggle their butts to the music and click their gums in a cool rhythmic way! The police sirens are heard faintly in the distance! Beyonce begins to scream a note so high that all the puppy dogs suddenly poop on their owners laps in unison! It is loud and smelly and everyone is having the best day EVER!

(PS - from now on I'll be posting just on Monday because this blog is getting older now and she needs a refreshing nap Tuesday-Sunday to keep herself perky for you)