Hi, this is an archive of my old blog.

Tube Socks Please!

Woah it feels like aaaages since I've gone tappy-tap on this blog! Actually only seven days! But this new once-weekly routine is already a nice treat. Right now I'm downing a pint of cider and going "eeiny meeny miney moe" to pick this week's scribbler..... and I've landed on this pretty lady Stella Pereira! Do you see that flower face she drew in the sidebar? It looks like a cute fumbly toddler with blonde ponytails who's about to burst into tears because she threw my USB into the toilet to see if it'd float and it didn't. Oh small person with leafy branches for a chin, I cannot be mad at you! You is too cute! Maybe the buzz of cider in my veins is helping too, keeping me chill about the lost USB and all those saved images of dogs in vests that I'll never get back. Either way: no small children are crying and we all get a face-full of Stella's flowers! Good!