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I believe that stones are living beings

Hey guys, so I have a friend and her name is Charlotte Peys and instead of having actual fingers, she has pencil-fingers. I know, right... weird. Five pencils on each hand. Most of them are greyleads of varying thickness, and she's also got one stumpy yellow pencil where her pinky would normally go. She keeps them very neatly sharpened at all times, which is admirable if not a tad dangerous. Her back scratching is divine though! And what she lacks in ability related to kneading cookie dough with her bare hands, she makes up for by being an incredibly good illustrator. I mean, she has pencil-fingers, so duh! How unjust a world do we live in that a girl born with pencil-fingers would be bad at drawing?

Pictured above is Charlotte's take on my name game shame scribble sheet, proof that 1) she's a very good illustrator and 2) those pencil-fingers are not going to waste! I like how she says "I think stones are living beings" because me too. For more drawings you can visit her friendly internet home at www.charlottepeys.be and you'll see there's SO MUCH more to her than just fingers made of pencils. She also has hollow toes filled with lukewarm vegetable soup. See you guys!