Hi, this is an archive of my old blog.

Bless The West

Today's scribbler izzzzzzz.... *self-indulgent bongo solo on a stranger's beer belly* Mason McFee aka- Maseman! He said he's "not the best at following instructions" and went a bit wacky on the scribble sheet. But I like that. Very much! His scribbles actually gave me a big ol' stink-face when they arrived on my email doorstep. You know that weird contorted mouth-spasm that happens when something is very cool to you? Do you get that? If something is REALLY MY CUPPA TEA it makes my brow go into the foetal position and my lips start doing awkward gymnastics. Okay whatever image you have of me in your head right now, I bet it's a good one! I'd rather you keep it but if you absolutely need to shake it off that's okay too: [SHAKEY SHAKE!]