Hi, this is an archive of my old blog.

Put A Fortune Cookie On Your Head

Today's scribbler is Masuko Jo. Wow, imagine an edible fortune cookie as BIG AS YOUR HEAD. Even as big as my (surprisingly large) nog! You could wear it down to the cafe in the morning. Like, oh this? This is my fortune cookie hat. To the barista you've had a crush on for months: "well hello Mr Barista, you look famished after a long morning of work and too busy to take a proper break... would you like a cheeky bite of my edible headwear?". BAM, what a line! The crumbly cookie dandruff would be so worth it. So would the paper fortunes needing to be cleaned out of your earlobes every morning. What do you think? Edible hats: YES or NO? (hint - there is no wrong answer because today all paths lead to Masuko! whew!)