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Fresh Laundry!

Look at this cutie! Today's scribbler is Andrea Maassen. First let me describe to you how I'm feeling today... two words: fresh laundry. If fresh laundry were an emotion! Which it is, right? Try this: close your eyes for a moment and give yourself a small & gentle hug (if you're in public, maybe do a sneaky yawn-hug) and daydream about fresh laundry, all warm and sweet-smelling. Are you doing it? Are you doing it? Good. Now we both feel freshly-laundered! That's all I really wanted. Also: Andrea did a sweet review of my book The Scribble Diary (her images below) and while you're still lethargic from self-hugs (thus putty in my cyber-hands) I'm going to suggest you head over to her blog for a look. Are you doing it? Are you doing it? Good.