Hi, this is an archive of my old blog.

Blood, Sweat & Tears! Yummy!

Dear today's scribbler Audrey Malo, if your time machine (mentioned above) happens to zip past my front lawn today PLEASE let me throw my limbs into the backseat. Not just my limbs though: my entire body and soul because 1998 is where they belong baby! Talk about a GOLDEN YEAR. My pre-pubescent brain was getting tag-teamed by romantic mush, with Rose & Jack and K-Ci & Jojo raising my boyfriend standards to (thus far) unreachable heights. But who cares man, I was rocking the maroon corduroy overalls and Spicing Up My Life and perfecting our cartwheel technique with my best mate! It was a simpler, more jiggy time. So for anyone else keen to hitch a ride into the late 90's you can stay tuned on Audrey's facebook page! No doubt she'll holler at us when the time machine is ready and our slap bracelet and butterfly clip rations have been organised.