Hi, this is an archive of my old blog.

Studio On Wheels

I was shocked, surprised, DELIGHTED when Erik Olovsson answered my email yesterday and agreed to be today's scribbler! I mean, he lives on a bus! His home is on wheels! But then again it is a "design" bus. Yeah that's a thing now! He turned his vehicle into a portable studio (below) so he can chase clients around Sweden and collaborate with new friends along the way. He sleeps in there, too! And the bus roof is sturdy enough to jump on top and play saxophone to passerby. Really, I'm struggling to hold back all the exclamation points I want to throw at this paragraph. Feeling so inspired, like: !!!!!

Also if you're curious, the interview Erik did for us (above) is all my scribble sheets layered together on patterned paper then highlighted with a green marker. Nice!