Hi, this is an archive of my old blog.

Sha La La

Today's scribbler is Lettie Jane Rennekamp. How great is that name! Lettie Jane. I can't help but say it in a deep and melodic voiceover-voice. AND THE WINNER IS... LETTIE JANE! I reckon she must win lots of things, all the time, like local raffles and the annual Guess How Many Jellybeans competition. That's my assumption! I haven't done any actual "research" on Lettie and her impressive lucky streak, but on this blog I seem to be less of a journalist and more of a late-night TV psychic. ALSO! My brain feels weird and distracted and non-able to talk straight after looking (below) at Lettie's hand-painted kaleidoscope. Weird-good though! WEEEIRDDD-GOOOOOOD!