Hi, this is an archive of my old blog.

Love Makes Me Strong

Truth: I wasn't even going to mention the V word today! This was going to be a strict NO CUTE COUPLY STUFF zone. Neigh a teddybear with I WUV U stitched on it's belly in sight! But then somehow, someway, I've accidentally gone and splashed this entire week of blog posts in love jelly! On Tuesday we whispered sweet good vibes, then yesterday we learnt the giggly basics of lovemaking, and now this! Today's scribbler is Heidi Deguzman and it seems she's a sneaky cupid. Roses and love-hearts and thermometers (which may or may not be a romantic thing?? you're "hot" stuff??), oh my! Okay fine, scroogey-mc-scrooge is waving a white flag. Hand me that shot glass of love jelly. Bottoms up! ♥♥♥!