Hi, this is an archive of my old blog.

May Is In My Lungs

Hello sweet-cakes! Give me a cuddle you beauitful creature! Hey, wait. Why are you backing away slowly? That smile of yours is getting a bit wobbly. Are you worried that I'll bounce in for a bear-hug then linger too long around your neck-area until you feel that egg taco I ate for breakfast tickle your earlobe? Yes that'd be creepy. But that won't happen because this is the hugless internet. Hurrah! Anyway I'm just in a sweet mood because 1) there's a tiny baby giggling at me from over her mama's shoulder (aww bubs, you're killing me), and 2) today's scribbler is ojoMAGico!

PS - Follow ojoMAGico on facebook because why not? Her work is beautiful and who doesn't want more beauty in their life? Exactly. ORRR stay here for a nice warm eggy-smelling cuddle! Your call, man.