This blog is now on permanent hiatus, but here's an archive of all the amazing artists and illustrators that filled out my scribble sheet over the last eight years. Thanks for visiting!
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Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me A Match!

Today I am a chubby-bubby in a thick cloth nappy! I have a feather-light bow slung across my left shoulder and my cheeks are crimson like a nappy rash! The fingers I am typing with are stumpy and fat, but surprisingly skilful at archery. Who am I???

You guessed it. I hope! Otherwise, do you even know how babies are made?! Today I played Scribble Matchmaker and had a bunch of fun. If the pay was a bit better and this stupid nappy chaffing wasn't a thing, I might actually go full-time on this cupid biz. But for now, here's your scribbles matches! You guys look good together. Real good! ♡

above is: Maria Gamarra /// Monica Parada

Sam Pash /// Mateja P

Agnieszka /// Leanna Perry

Sara Mihaljica /// L:sa

Robert Shaw /// ojoMAGico

PS - Thanks everyone for joining in! Stay in touch on twitter, facebook or tiny letter if you're keen to join me for the next round of scribbly soulmate searching.