Hi, this is an archive of my old blog.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me A Match!

Today I am a chubby-bubby in a thick cloth nappy! I have a feather-light bow slung across my left shoulder and my cheeks are crimson like a nappy rash! The fingers I am typing with are stumpy and fat, but surprisingly skilful at archery. Who am I???

You guessed it. I hope! Otherwise, do you even know how babies are made?! Today I played Scribble Matchmaker and had a bunch of fun. If the pay was a bit better and this stupid nappy chaffing wasn't a thing, I might actually go full-time on this cupid biz. But for now, here's your scribbles matches! You guys look good together. Real good! ♡

above is: Maria Gamarra /// Monica Parada

Sam Pash /// Mateja P

Agnieszka /// Leanna Perry

Sara Mihaljica /// L:sa

Robert Shaw /// ojoMAGico

PS - Thanks everyone for joining in! Stay in touch on twitter, facebook or tiny letter if you're keen to join me for the next round of scribbly soulmate searching.