Hi, this is an archive of my old blog.

I Will Scream YES

Today's scribbler is Carla Uriarte and we get a BONUS ROUND of *three* diary pages from her today because she "found it addicting" and just kept on scribbling. GOOD STUFF. For real though: I am a bit in love with that cat-human she drew (above) looking all sassy and satisfied with life, his floppy jazz-paws at the ready. Oh I really WISH there were a sassy cat-human sitting on the other side of this kitchen table right now in a soft pink sweater. There'd be a mellow saxophone tune playing in the background and we'd both sway gently while I typey-type and she purry-purrs. DREAM ON DREAMER! Anyway jazz-paws or not, we're all friends here. So if you'd like to keep snooping in Carla's diary (she don't mind) you can't dig in on her tumblr and below!