Hi, this is an archive of my old blog.


Today's scribbler is Graham Roumieu! I wonder if naming this post "SPIDERS EVERYWHERE" will loose me any followers? Last week I met a guy who actually squealed like a baby donkey when he noticed a daddy-longlegs on my (not his) arm. I picked off the spider gently (because I am kind and brave haha) and in his own spidery-way I'm pretty sure he said "thanks for the ride dude! promise not to ever crawl into your mouth while you sleep! will also tell my extended spider family to avoid your snoring lips, especially my larger and hairier cousins!" and that was that. But okay! Out of respect for certain new friends who squeal like a baby donkey, there'll be no more eight-legs on the blog this week! Promise! Hopefully you're all cool with four-legs two-legs though: