Hi, this is an archive of my old blog.

Come On In!

Today's scribbler is Daniela Volpari. Me being a kraft paper enthusiast, her scribble sheet (above) had me at Hello! It had me, at hello. Also, that toothy-grin lady in the red sweater cape reminds me of The Triplets Of Beleville movie! I mean that comparison in the nicest way, like eating an edible-thing and saying THIS REMINDS ME OF A DELICIOUS MANGO, then everyone wants a taste and you have to (reluctantly because you'd rather not share) pass the spoon around. But today we will share! Happily! Ah I forget where I was going with this paragraph. But triplets? scribbles? mango? kraft paper? quoting a Tom Cruise movie? Now THIS is a party. Visit Daniela's facebook on your way home!

PS - This is my 500th post on The Scribble Project.... crazy!!