Hi, this is an archive of my old blog.

Hairless Cat In A Sweater

Say HELLOOO to today's scribbler, Halah Elkholy! Shout it aloud to your laptop screen! (unless you're perched in a cafe and risk getting the awkward side-eye from a handsome horticulturalist who's biting the straw of his decaf soy latte. Then maybe just say it under your breath. Or do a cheeky wink? To your laptop I mean, not the horticulturalist. Unless the horticulturist is giving you friendly vibes and you know how to wink without looking like you have a mosquito stuck in your eyelash? OHHH! Show him Halah's drawing (below) of a hairless cat in a festive sweater! Horticulturist's love hairless cats in festive sweaters! They go ape for them! You're totally IN!)

PS - I'm going to name this cat Vinny Taco.