Hi, this is an archive of my old blog.

Good Vibe Notes!

This one is for all the single ladies! All the single ladies! Actually single dudes and couples as well. So basically this is for everyone. Just wanted to give my fellow SINGLE LADIES a shout-out because Valentines Day is soon and (even if we don't have someone to play footsies with under the restaurant table) why not use Feb 14th to share the good vibes? CLICK HERE TO PRINT MY GOOD VIBE NOTES. Then doodle over it for your best friend or lover, like Maren did (above) for her mate Caro.

Probably on Feb 14 I'll buy an Assorted Meat Platter For Two and eat the whole thing solo while doodling Good Vibe Notes for my sweet friends. Then I'll no doubt move the coffee table aside and shake my limbs to a Beyonce megamix that I may or may not have carefully curated especially for the occasion. Oh oh oh!