This blog is now on permanent hiatus, but here's an archive of all the amazing artists and illustrators that filled out my scribble sheet over the last eight years. Thanks for visiting!
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The Great Escape

Today's scribbler is Pawel Mildner from Poland. Number one: How cute is that truck he drew (above) with the tiny wheel and boxy cabin! Hee! Number two: In every post I pick a "featured image" and I almost NEVERRR pick a digital illustration. What can I say, HAND DRAWN 4EVR! But today I did pick digital lines (below) because I like her slumpy shoulders and that bouncy wave in her hair. And I could be wrong, but I reckon those dotty eyes are saying to me, "Hey there, want to chill with me? I'm interested in you and want to hear your stories. Also, I'm a wild woman on the dance floor."

Keep looking: Pawels' website - flickr