Hi, this is an archive of my old blog.

Jazzy Sountrack

When people give me a defeated shrug and say they "just can't draw", it brings out the car salesman in me. What! Of course you can! Everyone can draw! Try again! See?! Wow, this doodle of a three-eyed fruit bowl is an instant classic!

But there are people who can just *REALLY REALLY* draw, you know? They make it look flowy and effortless, with a neat punch of style. Like today's scribbler Bill Rebholz from Minnesota. He plays with a graphic 50's flavour and does some lovely hand-painted lettering. See? The man can draw! And my favourite bit is that when I look at Bill's handiwork a jazzy soundtrack begins to play in my brain. Dah da do dooo do, bah do.

Keep looking: Bill's website - tumblr