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How To SHOOSH Your Brain Before Bed

photo by Sayaka Minemura

Bedtime. WIDE AWAKE. I tell my brain to Shhhhh and it won't listen to me. I'm ready for a good night's sleep but all these noisy thoughts start rattling around between my ears. They say, WAKE UP! THINK! WORRY! HAVE IDEAS! Sound familiar to you?

This is why I created my latest book. To hush my brain (and your brain) before bed, or any other time that we need to vent and refresh!

Let me introduce you to The Scribble Diary...

Inside The Scribble Diary you'll find 360+ visual prompts for you to scribble over! Each page is different, so it's a daily surprise. It can be like having a quick vent to a friend, or a playful way to shake out your daily thoughts.

Okay, enough words. Here's a look inside...

The Scribble Diary is available now from Amazon and Indie Bound, or anywhere else they sell books! I hope you (and your friends) have some fun with it. Cheers!